How do you Melange? Bohemian, Resort, Homeless Chic? Classically Elegance? Stylish Casual? Trendy Formal? All black? Lots of Colors? When you get dressed in the morning do you think about what your choices communicate? Do you have an idea of the self you are hoping to project and the role your fashion choices play in helping you achieve this?


Historically, fashion has been delineated along the lines of classic and contemporary. In a world that has become a melting pot of cultures and global experiences, consumers have pushed designers so far beyond these two identities. In every aspect of individual self – expression, people are pushing the limits of creativity and artistry. What is more, consumers are looking for attachment points beyond quality and price. People in general are becoming more conscious of what they consume, where it is made, and by whom. This puts the fashion industry in an incredibly powerful position. Now YOU the wearer with your power to purchase and the choice in fashion expression, have the POWER to speak volumes with even the simplest detail. Take a minute if you need, but let that sink in.


The Melting Pot Movement introduces the consumer to the stories behind the invisible hands of FASHION.